Slaaneshi Seraphim

The Seraphim are led by Drachma Cyric and assisted by Marchioness Peachies.

History of the Seraphim

In the beginning, there were only the Gods. And their servants, the Seraphim. Most have been too preoccupied with their divine business to interact with the lives of anyone except the most virtuous of mortals. The Seraphim of Slaanesh, the Goddess of Lust, however, find themselves in a slightly different position. Their power and abilities stems directly from the lustful emotions they siphon from mortals.

Also called Incubi and Succubi, the Slaaneshi Seraphim are charismatic, lewd degenerates on a level of divinity. Thoroughly corrupted down into their souls, from their deep purple feathered wings to the blackened skin of their genitals and claws. Although visually unsettling for the pious to gaze upon, all but the most chaste find it difficult to deny their allure.

Since the formation of the Court, the Seraphim of Slaanesh have seeded themselves deep within the noble ranks and have even succeeded in turning the Emperor himself. In fact, their Drachma is the Emperor himself. His lust deeply infects newcomers and sends them spiraling into a rut of wanton desire and naked lust.

Current State of the Seraphim

The Seraphim are currently absorbed in their own degeneracy and seeking new ways to infect newcomers to force them to join their ranks. Although the first and most politically influential guild, they are one of the smallest guilds to date within the Court.

Seraphim Roles Within the Court

The Seraphim bring sanctity to the Adulterers and Sadites of the Court, work towards and encourage a healthy Lewd Economy, and spread a degenerate mist over the other members.

Central Base

The Seraphim come down from the Cloud of Slaanesh, the divine home of Slaanesh herself. The plane superficially resembles purple clouds, as if an artificial sky.

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