Sleeping Forest

The Forest are led by Drachma AP without any assistance.

History of the Sleeping Forest

When the Gods created the Material and hoisted it from the Astral Sea, it came from the waters birthed atop the World Tree. As its seeds spread and the Material grew, the original grove was lost to time. Eden as it became known became the most gorgeous garden in all existence and was the subject of great envy across all of creation.
Sensing what terrible things the ne’er-do-wells of the Material would do to its unprotected beauty should they ever reach it, the Gods birthed a secret society to defend it. As such, they have repelled every invasion into the Garden since their creation. Their skill and immortal swordplay became the subject of legends.
Their undying loyalty and almost religious fervor is controlled only by the sleep enchantment written into their souls by their holy creators. The guild members of the Sleeping Forest awaken only when mortals with intentions of evil come too close to the grove. As such, even though they repel sour-hearted mortals, many of the souls of the virtuous and many immortal fey and Seraphim enjoy the many fruits of the serene grove.

Current State of the Sleeping Forest

Sleeping Forest currently is too small to have a notable agenda. They were barely maintaining their legal recognition under the Drachma's Accord until the signing of the Bulwark Accord.

Forest Roles Within the Court

Drachma AP maintains his seat at the Drachma's Roundtable but serves little other purpose as his Adventurer duties are very distracting.

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