Sutral Seminary

Tracing through the freezing stone of the cliff face, the Semenary of the Elissan Dungeon comes into partial view as you round the corner past the last window you'll see this far below. Here, many of the larger cages of the dungeon have been repurposed from chattel holds into Sadite classrooms. Although this is a large space, the entire room is dimly illuminated with only three torches and people arrange themselves in the twilight in accordance with the shame they feel or the exhilaration of finding a voyeur.
Here is a place where experienced Sadites teach and play with younger, only recently branded Adulterers. The pagan witches and their caballous ilk abscond with newcomers and teach them the carnal truths of the whip, the rope, and the flame, among other, less hazardous pursuits. The Semenary has been previously raided for guardsmen although the decriminalization of the crafts and witchcraft means little can be done about these deviants in the long term.

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