The Twinkforce is led by Drachma Alex with no assistance.

History of the Twinkforce

The Twinkforce is one of the first guilds to sign the Drachma’s Accord but, overall, are one of the younger groups of influence within the Court. They don’t hide their origins at all, letting it be publicly known that their criminal history is a laundry list of everything up and down from theft to murder. But their newest cover, the best so far at ensuring they won’t ever be punished for their crimes, is by becoming the enemy.
Twinkforce members masquerade as lightly homosexual police, flirting with and “protecting” the rest of the court from “unknown” dangers and evil criminals. And then they themselves prey upon the lowest members and bleed them dry of funds and influence to push themselves forward into social dominance. At this point, it’s not even surprising anymore. The rest of the court can spot the signs of their victims but don’t make any motion to save them from their fate.
As it stands, their underground constabularies are populated by pickpockets, shooters, and grifters of every type of con. While not accepted in polite company as themselves, their authority is always recognized as their current leader, the one who brought the revelation to assume their current jobs, is the longest sitting Consul in the history of the court and the respect they have earned shields their minions from retaliation.

Current State of the Twinkforce

The Force feels no need to recruit to expand their membership. Prospective members must find their way in by proving themselves worthy of Drachma Alex's attentions before they become recruited. Twinkforce demands much respect with their control of the most active Consul underneath the Emperor himself.

Twinkforce Roles Within the Court

The Twinkforce worked diligently to protect the Guildless from harassment and prevent a recurrence of the Guildless Sorties until the signing of the Bulwark Accord.

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