Unknown King

The Unknown King was a member of the Many Kings who survived past the end of the First Age until he attempted usurpation. Although all memory of him has been struck from all records, a few theories of what he was persist.


It is theorized he had been replaced by a changeling as a child and was a servant of the Autumnal Court. But that's believed only by the rural folk. More urban gossipmongers refute it by claiming he had access to magic that fey cannot otherwise utilize.


Some vocal opponents of the divisive Viscount Jordan claim the Unknown King was him in disguise, citing his return from his self-imposed exile as having very convenient timing for the death of the Unknown.

The Emperor?

One theory states that there was never a fourth surviving King and that Emperor Cyric himself was the King. Believers will never say it too loud, but they believe that Cyric struck his own records from history to become a mythical figure after he perfected the Curse of the Cut Tongue.

The Empress?

The Emperor has reigned for many lifetimes and records state that there was once a woman by his side. The Emperor could have stricken the records of the last Queen after murdering his own wife.


The Emperor was recorded to have claimed to be willing to step down should a worthy heir of his loins ever come into the world. The Unknown could have been a worthy son and was executed so that the immortal Emperor would reign forever.

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