Viscount Ap

Viscount AP is an Old Guard member of the Sleeping Forest, being the last remaining member after his knighting into the organization. He joined in the Second Age as a close friend of the Emperor.


His enforced hibernation does put a damper on his activities within the court. At the moment, he usually is found in the garrison commons while he is awake, telling old bardstales from his time before his knighting. Whenever he finds the time, he decorates his surroundings with arts from his time and maintains written copies of his prehistorical bardstales from long before the First Age.


Originally, AP joined as a mercenary with the writ of an Adventurer. While carousing, however, he earned himself the brand of an Adulterer. During his trials with the Sleeping Forest, he awakened his nimbus of a Planeswalker and, in a way questioned by most of the court, procured himself a microchip of the Prime Runners.


As the Drachma and only surviving member of the original Sleeping Forest, AP was a lonely guardsman in Eden. Power laid within his ancient manuscripts has earned him and the Forest the attention of the Penitent Necromancers who they seek to protect the knowledge from.


AP has inherited the friendships and allegiances of his patron, the Emperor. He is generally on good terms with all, including his land liege, Marquis Chromelord although the Marquis constantly thirsts for his magical manuscripts. He has a feud with an unnamed slave in the Emperor's service.

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