Viscount Jordan

Viscount Jordan is one of the three surviving Many Kings from the First Age. He was in self-imposed exile at the time of the Changing of the Ages. Despite his destruction presence, he is still allowed int the court by the rule of the Consulate and the Emperor.

Also Known As

The Punisher, The Exiled, The Damned King


Jordan is mostly commonly in the Fencing Yard picking fights with servants and other nobles. Although granted a place in the lesser nobility, his presence is questioned by even commoners as his history of fighting his peers makes him of questionable importance.


At the time of his Second Exile during the Changing of the Ages, Jordan was on an adjacent plane and was apprehended upon his return to the Nexus. Since then, he has been granted an Adventurer's Writ and received the Scarlet Brand.


Although his method of replication is unknown at the moment, Jordan boasts an unsanctioned guild of his own replicants. He has been denied a spot upon the Drachma's Accord which is not a slight he bears lightly.


Jordan is genuinely held in disdain by most of the lesser nobility and common citizens. Even the Marquises question his stay of execution, as the other Many Kings were ordered into. Consul Kinue, his land liege, and the Emperor seem to protect him a majority of the time, although his constant spats with Marchioness Peachies earned him a short exile and many frequent afflictions of the Curse of the Cut Tongue.

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