The Weave is the latticework of magic that suffuses the Plane of Man and adjacent planes. On the Plane of Man, it is centered in Eden's Respite although certain areas, such as inside the Gypsy's Ear, have so much magic performed so frequently within them that the Weave becomes visible in the area.
Because of the intense Hieromancy performed by Emperor Cyric during the Changing of the Ages, the Weave was unstable within the empire's lands. This prevented planar travel until the creation of the Wizard's Nexus and is a contributing factor to the end of the Kullite incursions that plagued the First Age. Entire swathes of the empire are deprived of magic and only items enchanted outside of these regions maintain their function; even mages are stripped of their powers there. Likewise, other regions have such a density of the Weave in the Immaterial that even mundane people may spontaneously utilize its power. This instability also sometimes pulls people from other planes or from the future.

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