Communal Areas

The main body of the castle is preoccupied with communal areas. Large, open areas that beckon to crowds and beg to keep them with their decoration. These areas are almost exclusively made and aspected to different moods, to fit the nature of the Emperor's quick, mercurial changes in mood and topics of conversation. Talking to him for extended periods is quite a walk.

Joker's Bluff

Although noted for a dry sense of humor, the Emperor enjoys having the Bluff as a place for everyone to meet and tell their own jokes. Due to the nature of the Bluff, however, it's quite frequent for either the Emperor himself or a listened to threaten to push someone over the rampart of the Bluff as punishment for puns or bad jokes. It's only happened once, thankfully, although nobody wants to become the second.

Eastern Yard

The eastern yard of the castle grounds are clear-cut and wide open for the purposes of games and merrymaking. As the winter has rolled in, not much occurs here anymore. Too bitterly cold.

Gypsy's Ear

Somewhere between a slave and a mystic, Mother Tsura keeps an eye on the progressing influence of members of the court. She sends her tongueless eunuchs out to people to repeat her messages and answer questions they have with the Mother. Her mysticism gives her a wider range of knowledge than even the lesser nobility.

Fencing Yard

Secured by thick wooden panels on all sides, the western yard keeps a series of rectangular fencing yards for dignified combat among the nobles. Although it usually isn't up to standard practice, there is definitely swordplay inside. Sometimes, though, all the western end of the castle can hear is the clash of steel and loud profanity-laden rants.

Maestro's Keep

In addition to the artists under his patronage, the Emperor graciously keeps a variety of musicians from many lands to entertain his subjects. It's common for servants to take the long way around the castle for quick enjoyment of the high quality and almost constant music over near the western gate. Consul Alice is frequently found enjoying the aura of the place.

Regum Collegium

Although the Emperor has ascended beyond the title of King, the College has retained its former name. Many professors and philosophers gather here and teach to anyone who shall listen under the patronage of the Emperor and the Consulate. Many members of the upper nobility arrive and retreat at their own whim to teach their own children as well as the children of the rest of the court.

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