Palace Courtyard

Upon arrival through the gates of the city, you are escorted to the gold-plated gates embedded in the heavy mortar walls of the palace. Although you don't know what you expect, the collection of fools and ghouls that greet you are definitely not it.

Constantine's Courtyard

The courtyard itself is a well-maintained garden designed to connect to enough other areas of the castle to promote quick travel, an open enough area to be pleasant by itself, and beautiful enough to improve the mood of its viewer. It isn't as great at that last one. But many gather here to converse and make merry times with their fellow denizens of the court. A majority of conversation either occurs or begins here before traveling to the more appropriate areas.

Aristotle's Forum

A circle of raised daises will, on occasional nights under the full moon, be full of drunken philosophers desperately trying to remember which is their elbow and which is their ass. They have yet to make the discovery. They have only recently come to the realization. Now they are pondering if milk on cereal is broth or sauce. This one will take them a while.

Imperial Balcony

The Emperor frequents his balcony overlooking the front courtyard of his castle, coming alone or with one of his Consuls or Empress to yell decrees and speeches personally to his masses. Just as frequently, his people petition him at his balcony as well either for changes to the body of the law or for renovations or restitution.

Iscarian Oubliette

Unfortunately, the front courtyard is directly over the stunningly long drop of the oubliette dungeon. Fortunately, however, the drop is rarely used. Anymore. It used to be almost as frequent an exhibition as executions. But now it's rarely used as more than just threat.

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