The Emperor keeps a tight eye on the influence of his court to insure that nobody ever eclipses him. To keep an eye on this, the Emperor has officiated a system of renown to watch the celebrity of his Consuls and the rest of his nobility.


Almost immediately after joining the court, people are labeled Debutante. A simple triangular glyph with a circle inside glows under their left eye and brands them until they have spread their influence further.


As their influence spreads, the glyph expands and grow more complicated. By the time they become Established, it covers a deal of the left cheek with lines and dotted circles. Although their influence is weak, it's greater than the nonexistent influence of the Debutantes.


As a calm median, it's a common mark among the lower nobility. The glyph doubles back over itself creating an interesting and unique mark over the left side of the face. No two glyphs are the same at this level, a testament to the elevated status of the Knights above lay citizens.


Historically speaking, only the upper nobility has ever had glyphs as complex as this before the establishment of the renown system. The glyph expands like a web over the right end of the face. Some claim words within the inside lines, although it's unproven if they exist outside the mind of the viewer.


At this point, one's influence becomes dangerous to the court. Too many at or above this point would threaten to divide the court as badly as it was before the Drachma's Accord.


A legendary amount of influence. Truly, truly dangerous. The Emperor executed the last person to get this far.

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