Wizard's Nexus

Created during the Changing of the Ages with the original purpose of launching counterattacks into the Wildlands during the Faerie Wars, the Nexus now serves as the home of the Planeswalkers of the court. The existence of Planeswalkers was an unexpected byproduct of its original purpose, as it forced all movement onto the Plane of Man to be routed through it and thickened the Immaterial surrounding the plane. Interestingly, it also began to extract select individuals from the future.
The Nexus rests atop a Wizard's Tower and is staffed almost entirely by servants and sages seeking to record the knowledge of the planes as recovered by the Planeswalkers upon their return from their voyages. The white marble floors are kept extremely clean and each wing is marked by inlays of expensive and exotic stones to separate the Nexus into "houses" signifying the plane from whence a Planeswalker or material comes. Emperor Cyric and Viscount Jordan maintain rooms within the lapis-inlaid wing of Ardor.
Although the Nexus is contained entirely within the Plane of Man, it is technically a miniature plane of its own.

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